Neues Gesicht in Greifswalder Segelszene – italienische 49er FX Seglerin

Gestatten? Giulia Spinelli. Die junge, dynamische Italienerin bereichert seit diesem Jahr die Greifswalder Segelszene. 

Hallo! Mein Name ist Giulia Spinelli, ich bin 28 Jahre alt und ich komme aus Italien! Ok, that is all I can say in German, so let’s switch to English! ;)
Since I started living here in Greifswald in 2017, I work here as Naval Architect in an office of concept and design. I started sailing Laser Radial in Wieck with the whole Laser team and coaches Philipp and Tim. Training every week with all the team and sailing the Mittwochsregatta with the Müller family on Reckless Rat is just amazing, always good sailing and a lot of fun ! :D Conditions and weather are really different from home and I keep learning a lot of things here.

Training in Wieck

By the way I keep sailing in Italy also with my 49er FX that I sail since 2014 and from this year with my new crew Chiara Ferrari we do three national regattas. We love extreme sports, this is our’s first team building year and we’re always improving, we are all having a lot of fun together with all the family. This boat is totally different from the others! Yes, and sailing with this kind of job it is not easy at all, but it’s a new exciting experience from many points of view: choosing kinds of tactic every time, organising time and energy, meeting new people and new friends and hopefully learning German!

Racing on Lago di Como

Next sailing appointments in June: Laser training; Rund Rügen Regatta this coming weekend and Skiff festival on Lago di Como at the end of the month with Chiara on our 49er FX.

Ciao! Giulia

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